About And Coin V2

And Coin (ticker symbol: AND) is a digital payment solution. And Coin is decentralized and running constantly without downtime and the need of interference by intermediary, authorities and censorship. People can make payments using And Coin to anyone in the world freely. In the meantime, anyone can issue And Coin coins through their personal computers and a software-based minting process.
And Coin is at the first concentrating on the low cost in maintaining its block system, for example, through cost effective mining devices. To this end, And Coin, aiming at fairness, cost effective and energy efficiency, strives to make mining be available to everyone, and provides an even playing field for people looking to issue digital coins without expensive equipment.
And Coin the proof-of-work protocols, i.e., PoW; PoW  stand for And Coin's proof-of-work, respectively.

Coin specifications:

Symbol: AND
    Logo : 

      Blocktime: 60 sec
      Maturity: 100 blocks
      Diff retargeting: every block
      Total supply: ~25 000 000
      Premine*:  500.000 AND 
      *300k for swap AndCoin to AndCoin-V2, share holder 100k and 100k for bounties 
      Masternode start Sunday, March 25, 2018 6:00:00 PM GMT+07:00 / 8 days after launch
      Masternode Collateral: 20000 AND
       Block > 352000 Masternode Collateral: 30000 AND
      Masternode Rewards: 80% of POS & POW Rewards
      PoS start after block 2200
      PoS coins maturation: 24 hour
      PoS min balance for stake 1000 AND
      Port: 35555
      RPCport: 35222

      Proof of Work (PoW)
      • Specific PoW block reward design to maintain the network hashrate and make mining only available to Mobile miner
      • A5Av2 PoW hash algorithm
      • Block time - 1 minutes
      • difficulty adjustment Quantum Wave per block
      PoW Rewards: 

      Block < 100 Reward: 1 AND Instamine Protection
      Block < 43800 Reward: 5 AND
      Block < 87600 Reward: 2.5 AND
      Block < 131400 Reward: 1.25 AND
      Block < 262800 Reward: 0.625 AND
      Block < 394200 Reward: 0.3125 AND
      Block < 525600 Reward: 0.15625 AND
      Block > 525600 Reward: 0.078125 AND
      Last PoW Block : 2628000

      PoS Rewards:

      Static Reward: 0.15625 AND

      Masternode Rewards:

       80 % of PoS Reward
      80 % of PoW Reward


      Masternode configuration is very similiar to other Masternodes coins.
      Masternode system requirement for running demon (Ubuntu):

      sudo apt-get install libboost-all-dev software-properties-common libminiupnpc-dev
      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install libdb4.8++-dev

      andcoin.conf (on masternode)